Terms and Conditions

General Rules & Field Information

A completed waiver, and a Driver's Licence/18+ card will need to be sighted before entry.

You will be required to complete a waver upon arrival. 

You must be over the age of 18 to complete the waiver. 

If you're aged between 10-17, you require a parent to sign the waiver, and an adult to accompany you for the entire duration of the session. The accompanying adult does not need to participate but must remain on site. 

Closed footwear must be worn at all times. 

Full coverage eye wear and/or a suitable mask must be worn at all times on the field, or when otherwise instructed. "Suitable eye wear" means the eye wear should fit flush around your eyes - with no gaps and comply with Australian Safety Standards. The toy glasses in the toy blaster box, are not suitable. Should the field management deem your eye wear/mask unsuitable for participation then a set of safety glasses will be available for loan,  Please note that this is purely in the interest of safety.


The FPS limit in Area57 is 350FPS Max. Only Armourtech can be used no hardened gels. All Blasters will be test fired into a chronograph before entry to the field, and spot checks occur.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session (but no earlier) to allow time for parking, to sign your waiver, and to receive your entry armband. We ask that you are prompt so as to allow maximum game play.


-Blasters must be transported as per QLD Government law and concealed on arrival. 

Please note that Area 57 is strictly a booking-only testing facility, and walk-ins cannot be accommodated. As space is limited, this isn't a spectator venue.

Note: Master Gel sessions are for experienced players only , players must supply there own equipment and gels. Armourtech to only be used in AR's/ Rifles. No hardened Gels. Ultra's/ aka's are for pistols only (unless specified).

All players must abide by the field specific rules as outlined the safety induction by Area 57 Staff.. 

Rental Blaster packages are also available on a first come first served basis for only $25 pp (payable upon arrival) , contact us upon booking to secure yours. 

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