Welcome to AREA 57's latest Gelsoft special event!

...So strange things have been happening at Area57. It started with the scratching... then came the screams. Quite terrifying for those who were unfortunate to have the experience. This was followed close behind by the sound of footsteps, things moving and the sensation of someone's hand on your shoulder!  Cold breath always draws goosebumps. Then came the sightings... Creepy ghosts, dark shadowy figures, clowns, zombies stumbling... each one becoming more violent than the last. The feeling you are being watched may not be far from the truth!!! ....That doll that sits and watches you... Goosebumps are the least of your problems when the night comes alive!

See how long you will last!

Riddle us this for your chance to win!

Voiceless it cries and wingless it flutters, toothless it bites and mouthless it mutters.

The Happenings

What do I need to do?

If you are brave enough to play our field in the dead of night, you need to come dressed as a zombie or clown. The night will kick off at 10pm and finish at 12, midnight. We expect large numbers, but beware as numbers are limited. We will be running interactive, rotational games continuously throughout the session. Our field is indoors and darker than most so be prepared. Torches are recommended. Your ability to scare is a bonus! Bookings are essential. This event will sell out fast, so don't miss the chance! .... Prizes

Event Entry $35

Cold drinks available onsite.

Rentals packages $35 (includes blaster, eyewear, unlimited gels & free merchandise hat)

Unlimited Gels $10

Book Online now or phone to book in