Is your testing facility available for group bookings?

Yes, our testing facility is available for group bookings, including parties and corporate events. This option includes blaster/ eyewear hire and unlimited gels. We also provide a facility hire only sessions for up to 24 players who bring their own gear and gels and are prepared to run their own games.

Do you provide rental Gel Blasters?

Area 57 rental packages are all inclusive with every private gel session booking. Also please NOTE: all BYO Gel Blasters must be concealed upon arrival. Facility hire only sessions are BYO and you must bring your own gear. There are no options to rent at these.

Do I need to bring my own Gels?

You can bring your own gels however unlimited gels are included with every private gel session booking. Facility hire only sessions are BYO gels.

Do you provide drinks for sale at your facility?

Yes, we have a wide selection of drinks for sale. However NO ALCOHOL is permitted on site. NOTE: Card payments only.

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have plenty of parking available.

Do you have rest room facilities?

Yes, we have a restroom facility that is cleaned on a regular basis.

What is the Max. FPS?

Our maxmum FPS is 350FPS in our private gel sessions. Our facility hire only sessions are open to your requirements.

What do I bring to a Gelball Booking?

All players will need to Photo ID. Enclosed footwear is also compulsory. It can get pretty warm on the field, so wear light, comfortable clothing that provides protection. All players are required to wear protective eyewear. Clear lenses are advised due to the darkened field. A water bottle is also advised.

What happens when I arrive for a private gel session?

Private gelball bookings should arrive at the scheduled booking time as mission setup and induction is encompassed within this timeslot . On arrival, you will need to complete a waiver unless you have played here within the last 3 months. We’ll check you in and assign you to a team. You’ll be required to chronograph your gel blaster to make sure it shoots less than 350fps. You’ll receive a compulsory safety induction at the start of each session. Each team will receive a scenario briefing based on the type of game you are going to play. Each session is 2 hours long, however each game can last between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on how the game scenario plays out. Some games may be played with adjusted lighting or no light.

I have concerns about strobe lighting or fog machines, what can I do?

Our facility uses special effect lighting and fogging machines during our gameplay to enhance your experience. If you have any health concerns in relation to this, please contact our facility and discuss with our staff prior to completing your booking.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes. We also have limited fridge space if you would like to store your birthday cake. We also have tables you can utilise.

What happens at a facility hire only session?

Area 57 provides for experienced players who have their own equipment by booking out our entire facility for their own custom game sessions. Our team has recently made this option available for up to 24 players. Players who book this session will arrange a private group who have all their own equipment as there are no rentals available for this session. Our staff will provide minimal facility services and assistance but do not referee. Players are required to allocate their own referees if required and control their own gameplay. Our staff will provide lighting, effects, smoke etc as required by your group. It may be possible to utilise our audio equipment for your own playlist etc if required. Please discuss with our staff.