AREA 57   


Facility Hire

Exclusive Private Sessions

Area 57 is now available as an exclusive facility for hire by experienced players, providing a safe and fun location to play. Our facility hire option now provides bookings for groups of up to 24 players! That's incredible value! This hire is only for players who bring their own blasters, use their own gels and want to run their own games in whatever format they wish to play them. We stress there is NO referees & NO rentals or Gels available for hire during this session. It is strictly BYO gear and referees. We provide staff only for the counter and facility operations. Your group may wish to play in the dark or light, listen to your choice of audio or silence, fog the field or no fog, coloured lighting or strobes or a combination of everything, and the options are yours.

Drinks are available for purchase.  For the ALL INCLUSIVE package CLICK HERE